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Glassblower - Painter - Sprayer

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Groe began painting graffiti in the late nineties, and credits graffiti as the beginning of his personal artistic exploration.  Though he embraces the fundamental elements and attitudes found within graffiti in his studio art practices, Groe still enjoys using the spray can to create traditional letter-based graffiti as well as more involved graffiti-style murals.  


Since graduating from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Groe has adopted a vigorous professional art practice, but his interest in painting pre-dates his own memory. Through his imagery of contemporary wastelands layered with familiar symbols of modern human existence, his work raises questions about our surrounding's continuous state of change, both predictable and not. In the end, his paintings are a search to find comfort in the uncomfortable, a constant struggle to search out the truth when there is no clear truth in sight. 



Groe began blowing glass in 2001 as a production worker. Over time, the imagery of his other artistic endeavors became more integrated in his glass, and in 2012 Groe decided to fully embrace glasswork as one of his main studio practices.  Imagery inspired by the playful nature of painting and graffiti coupled with a keen attention to craft have earned Groe a reputation for quality, narrative-driven glasswork.

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