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Everywhere we go is a place. Humans came to be and started to adopt functions to places and build
structures for their purposes. Some became destinations while others were used and eventually
outmoded. Places became desirable, and others were places of function. As soon as man-made structures
become obsolete, they are left to wither away in isolation until the next advancement needs space. I
find myself drawn to places most people consider to be forgettable. There is an extra aura to places full of
the ghosts of the technological past; these undesirable spaces are further pushed into a state of suspension
by the absence of people and the slow hints of decay.

When the opportunity arises, I have more often than not stumbled upon places my parents would not have
approved. That was probably one of the original draws. I quickly became addicted to environments were
I could feel a sense of greater earthliness outside myself and found myself becoming a frequent attendee.
By making art, I chase this feeling or aura that I crave. Because I cannot fully control the true experience
I create to fulfill my need to experience and extend it beyond myself. The state of decay is just as much
about humanity as the glistening ideas and shiny structures.

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