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Legacy Cup

My unwavering supporter, Josh, a mainstay in my journey, reached out with an exhilarating challenge: "I need something truly extraordinary," he declared. Without hesitation, I replied, "Epic? I think I can deliver just that."

Josh, the mastermind behind the Legacy Cup cannabis event that has graced Minnesota for the past few years, was well aware that this year's edition, following Minnesota's recent legalization of recreational cannabis, was poised to be bigger and bolder than ever. It demanded an entrance that would leave attendees in awe.

Over the span of a week, I unleashed my creative prowess, painting and constructing an entrance befitting this grand occasion. It was a rare opportunity to dust off my set design skills and immerse myself in this artistic endeavor.

As the event unfolded, drawing in over 12,000 eager participants, they all made their grand entrance through my immersive creation. I stood back, watching for hours as people traversed through my art, interacted with it, and became a part of the experience. It was an immensely gratifying and fun endeavor, seeing my vision come to life in the eyes of those who passed through.

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