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TalkingTerps x Groe

I recently had the exciting opportunity to craft a stunning collection of glasswork for Talking Terps, showcased at the much-anticipated Puffcon DTLA 2023 event. My work featured intricate murrine pieces, showcasing Talking Terps' logo and a mesmerizing stony flower design created by the talented Sunflower_Form.

This glassware lineup was nothing short of extraordinary, encompassing classic headshop essentials like handheld drys, pendants, marbles, as well as cutting-edge technology such as puffco proxy attachments and terp pearls. These glass creations perfectly complemented Talking Terps' other product offerings, including ashtrays, lighters, gear, and rugs.

Working on this project was a true privilege, and I was deeply honored to be a part of it. Excitingly, there's still an abundance of murrine left, hinting at future collaborations between Talking Terps and myself. Keep your eyes peeled for some scorching TT x G creations to come!

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