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4.0 x GROE Quartz

E.Ross 4.0 x Groe quartz now available. Excited to add these to the line up. Compatable with almost every functional rig I've made. For now only 10mm 90° and 45°. T4 Tourbillon, plus one signature GROE murrine cap marble and terp pearl.  The T4 features 4 holes for extra airflow and an extra thick 3/16 inch polished quartz disk on the bottom. 

25mm Quartz Bucket

-Features 4 holes drilled at an angle, so when you cover the top, air spins inside the bucket. Great for spinning beads.

-2.5mm wall thickness

-25mm OD, 20mm ID

-Slight bevel to ensure a marble seals it without thinning the rim

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